Archiv für den Monat: Mai 2019

Imaginary Journey

New Album in 2019: Imaginary Journey

Here you can listen to the first three tracks of my upcoming album „Imaginary Journey. I am very excited that the brilliant studio musician and film composer Tobias Becker​ joined me for the second track and played a wonderful oboe improvisation. His work adds a very special element to the electronically produced ambient tracks. I highly recommend to check out his own work as well (

track listing for this video:

1.) departure
2.) behavior in the dark
3.) river crossing

Release date of the album 01.07.2019.

Synthesizer and instruments used for this recording:
Radikal Technologies:
Delta CEP A, Accelerator, Spectralis 2, RT-1701 EFFEXX, RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter, RT-311 Swarm Oscillator.