RT-311 on LSD

RT 311 english

Congratulations on purchasing the RT-311 Swarm Oscillator. On this page you will find the download link to the preliminary, detailed manual as well as a video workshop on the RT-311.

The current firmware 1.1 can be found below in the audio player. It has already been installed on all delivered oscillators. So you do not need to install them. To install the firmware, you must play the audio file. The RT-311 accepts update files at the SPEED input. In the case of audio errors during the firmware transfer, the entire LED ring has a red color. Simply rewind something back to where the transfer was still in order. The RT-311 will automatically resume transmission. At the very end, the firmware is overwritten. The current must not be interrupted during the flashing process lasting a few seconds. That is why the LEDs light up red at the end. Please ensure a stable power supply during transmission. If the current is interrupted during flashing, the device must be reset in service.

The firmware 1.1 file link can be used as an alternative to the audio player hier herunterladen.

As preliminary, detailed manual (as of 01/09/2016) you can find here.
Newer versions will be found regularly. The current version is version 0.96.

Further informations can meanwhile be found at the Radikal Technologies website: