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Jörg Schaaf Live

New Bandcamp Album ‚The Vigil tapes‘

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I had the pleasure to partizipate at the MICA Sound and Music festival „The Vigil“ in Baltimore. I created a 20 minutes video special with new music, a live performance for that online festival. At the end I received a lot of very positive feedback and decided to assemble a bandcamp album from the tracks I composed for the festival and added a bonus track with the second Corona Session to the album.

Here you can watch the entire video on youtube:

And here you can listen to the album at BandCamp or purchase it for a download!

I hope, you enjoy!

Ich hatte das Vergnügen am ‚The Vigil‘ sound and music festival des MICA institutes in Baltimore teilnehmen zu dürfen. Das für dieses Online festival zusammengestellte Video habe ich auf Youtube hochgeladen. Ihr könnt es aber auch auf Bandcamp als Download Album erwerben! Viel Spaß beim Hören!

Jörg Schaaf Live

Corona session 1

Everyone talks about Corona and Covid 19 every day. In most cases the result is a really depressing mood. The fear to get sick, the loneliness while staying home, all the missing friends etc. Really disgusting. We should start to see Covid 19 as a chance. The chance to find time to realize things, you would not get done in normal times. I for example finished my album in 2020, grew vegetables in my garden and spent more time than ever with my hobbies. I did not spent so much time in my pub. So, I drunk less beer. All that are positive aspects. I even started jogging in 2020.

That’s the reason, I call my night sessions from now on Corona sessions. Just to help you guys seeing that pandemic as a chance as well. You have one life! So, spend time with yourself and do something, you always wanted to do but never found the time to do. I prepared a nice little video studio at a rent place and I can go there whenever I want to and can perform music and shoot videos. That is a great pleasure for me.

When my favorite pub Klimbim in Gießen is opened again, the final Corona session will take place and a new name will be born.

Imaginary journeys Cover

New Album ‚imaginary journey‘

I am happy to announce that I finally finished and uploaded my latest album ‚Imaginary journey‘ to my bandcamp page!

RT-311 on green electricity

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The daily Schaaf 19: Ambient Fun 1

Setting up some sounds and start jamming and improvising. I am using the Accelerator, the Spectralis II, a Yamaha DX7II (via keystep) a Roland D550 (via keystep) and the Delta CEP A together with the Doepfer Stepsequencer A155.

Imaginary Journey

New Album in 2019: Imaginary Journey

Here you can listen to the first three tracks of my upcoming album „Imaginary Journey. I am very excited that the brilliant studio musician and film composer Tobias Becker​ joined me for the second track and played a wonderful oboe improvisation. His work adds a very special element to the electronically produced ambient tracks. I highly recommend to check out his own work as well (

track listing for this video:

1.) departure
2.) behavior in the dark
3.) river crossing

Release date of the album 01.07.2019.

Synthesizer and instruments used for this recording:
Radikal Technologies:
Delta CEP A, Accelerator, Spectralis 2, RT-1701 EFFEXX, RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter, RT-311 Swarm Oscillator.

The swarm, the filter and the EFFEXX

The daily Schaaf 18: What you can do with noise

I created a modular patch to create some random signals. I just wanted to know, what I can create out of random signals with a little help of the EFFEXX module. I created the random signal, that is audible at the very beginning of the file with the delta CEP A and a Sample and Hold Module (Doepfer A148). The LFO of the Delta clocks the Sample and Hold Circuit. Gate signal must have a minimum voltage. I thought, if I apply noise at the input of the sample and hold circuit, I will get a random voltage that is sometimes above the minumum level and sometimes below. That creates my random triggers. I fed the Sample and Hold output into the Gate trigger input of the envelope. I am feeding the oscillator or noise into the filter and program a very short envelope to create this short noise bursts. From there I go directly into the EFFEXX and from there to my recording mixing desk. I am using Reverb, the String Filter, the Pitch Shifter and the post Lowpass filter for this patch.

Für diese Demo habe ich geschaut, was man so aus einer zufälligen Abfolge von Signalen herausholen kann, wenn ich sie durch den EFFEXX schicke. Man hört zu Anfang das Ursprungssignal, das ich mit dem Delta CEP A und einem Doepfer A148 Sample and Hold Modul erzeugt habe. Für das Random Signal mache ich mir zu nutze, dass man eine gewisse Mindestspannung benötigt, um eine Hüllkurve per Gate Eingang zu triggern. Von daher takte ich die Sample und Hold Schaltung mit dem LFO und lege am Eingang den Rauschausgang des Delta CEP A an. Am Ausgang des Sample & Hold Moduls kann man sofort erkennen, dass nun positive und negative Spannungen erzeugt werden. Die positiven triggeren die Hüllkurve sofern sie über 2.5 Volt liegen. Die negativen und kleineren Spannungen triggeren die Hüllkurve nicht. Die Hüllkurve wird sehr kurz eingestellt. Ich habe das Signal ausgedünnt, in dem ich das Bandpass-Filter verwende.
Am Anfang der Audio Datei hört man das Resultat, dass dann in das EFFEXX Modul eingespeist wird. Im EFFEXX Modul benutze ich im Verlaufe der Demo die folgenden Effekte:
String-Filter, Pitch Shifter, Reverb und Post Lowpass Filter. Ich habe eine serielle Abfolge der Effekte gewählt.


Spectralis ringtone

In 2004 or 2005 I created this ringtone. I only used the Spectralis lowpass filter with a self resonance setting and one step sequencer line to create the melody with the Spectralis 1. My goal was to create something, that can be heard even in loud environments. I can’t recommend using that ringtone in a church.
link to the download!