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Jörg Schaaf Live

Corona session 1

Everyone talks about Corona and Covid 19 every day. In most cases the result is a really depressing mood. The fear to get sick, the loneliness while staying home, all the missing friends etc. Really disgusting. We should start to see Covid 19 as a chance. The chance to find time to realize things, you would not get done in normal times. I for example finished my album in 2020, grew vegetables in my garden and spent more time than ever with my hobbies. I did not spent so much time in my pub. So, I drunk less beer. All that are positive aspects. I even started jogging in 2020.

That’s the reason, I call my night sessions from now on Corona sessions. Just to help you guys seeing that pandemic as a chance as well. You have one life! So, spend time with yourself and do something, you always wanted to do but never found the time to do. I prepared a nice little video studio at a rent place and I can go there whenever I want to and can perform music and shoot videos. That is a great pleasure for me.

When my favorite pub Klimbim in Gießen is opened again, the final Corona session will take place and a new name will be born.

The daily Schaaf 13: Formant & Delay & Reverb just for Fun

Just for fun – entered a little sequence into the Beatstep and triggered the Formant Modular Synth with that sequence. Sometimes it’s just fine to do something without a special aim. I won’t upload tracks like that onto the soundcloud platform from now on because soundcloud does not allow embedding the player anymore.

Habe mal zum Spaß den Formant eingeschaltet, eine kleine Sequenz in den Beatstep eingegeben und an den Knöppen herumgefummelt. Befreiend, einfach so in die Klangwelten einzutauchen, ohne ein bestimmtes Ziel zu verfolgen. Ich werde Tracks dieser Art künftig nicht mehr auf Soundcloud hochladen, weil man deren Player nicht mehr extern einbinden kann.