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Accelerator Digitalsynthesizer

Accelerator: Troubleshooting I: Silent keyboard area

This article is the starting point of a series of troubleshooting guides for Accelerator users.

You maybe experienced something like that yourself in the past. You start diving into menus and try to explore something new by trial and error. After a while you are realizing that something went wrong but you can’t exactly recapitulate, what you did last before the problem occurred. In the case described in this article the problem is a silent keyboard area – independent from the performance or the single sound you are choosing, a section on the keyboard does not trigger the voices of the synthesizer anymore.

The good news is – the keyboard in 99,9 % is not defective and you have not destroyed that thing!

The Accelerator has a realtime transpose function for the step sequencer. This function allows for transposing sequences by hitting transpose keys on the keyboard. The transpose function can be assigned to a keyboard area. This keyboard area does only control the pitch of the sequence playback but not the synthesizer engine anymore. There are different ways specifying the transpose keyboard section but only one works for all presets and even after rebooting the unit. It’s the global transpose function in the system menu.

If you want to use the whole keyboard again please follow the instructions below:

  1. Push the [SYSTEM]-button.
  2. Push the [ARROW DOWN]-button two times.
  3. Push the left display encoder button to toggle the global transpose function on/off. When set to „Off“, the keyboard should work again over the entire keyboard range.