The daily Schaaf 16: Hypnotica

I tried today getting some algorithmic sequences out of the A-155 sequencer from Doepfer. If you own the A-155 you probably noticed the opportunity to change the  range of the sequenced control voltages. The first idea was to spread the range to a maximum and limit the range with a VCA before feeding the voltage […]

RT-311 on speed

The daily Schaaf 12: Doing sound design with infinite feedback loops

Infinite Delay Feedback loops are a very cool sound design opportunity. First you feed some audio into the delay and afterwards you can alter the sound by changing the delay time, adding reverb or adjusting a post FX filter just to name some examples. My example starts with a dark ambient rhythmic drone but let […]

The daily Schaaf 10: Breaking the rulez with modular synths

This example shows the most important aspect of working with modular synths – breaking the rulez. In standard synthesizers you have basicly three different groups of modules: sound generators, sound shapers and modulators. In most cases they are connected in a fixed routing configuration. At a modular system, the routing is completely free and noone […]

The swarm, the filter and the EFFEXX

The daily Schaaf 9: A chewing gum eating bullfrog in outer space In this demo you are listening to our RT-451 multimode filter. This time I am not using the two filters for stereo filter effects. Instead of that I feed the output of filter 1 into filter 2 for a serial configuration. The sound source for this experiment is the swarm oscillator. I added some […]

RT-311 on speed

RT-1701 EFFEXX 2 Dub Delays & Reverb

Ich habe ein Faible für Delays mit Hochpass- oder Tiefpass Filtern im Feedback-Kreis. In diesem Beispiel laufen beide Haupt Effekte des RT-1701 mit einer Delay-Einstellung. Das eine Delay wird in den Höhen und das andere in den Tiefen beschnitten. So entstehen aus einzelnen Schlägen ganze „Grooves“. Damit noch nicht genug – zu den beiden Haupteffekten […]

EFFEXX RT-1701 Multi FX Processor

The daily Schaaf 8: First experiments with the EFFEXX Multi FX engine

This is the first demo I created with the current beta version of the EFFEXX effect module. I am feeding a simple drum groove from the Spectralis into the EFFEXX module and destroy the sound of it. We hope that gives a first impression about the sonic capabilities of the new module. The EFFEXX module runs […]

After Midnight Jam

I published that track a couple of months ago. Tempo is 128 bpm. Equipment used: Spectralis, RT-311 Swarm Oscillator, RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter, Strymon Timeline Delay, Soundcraft Signature 22MTK Download

EFFEXX RT-1701 Multi FX Processor

EFFEXX RT-1701 Multi Effekt Prozessor

A new Radikal Technologies Eurorack Module is announced for the 2017 Winter NAMM in Anaheim. The EFFEXX Multi-FX Processor RT-1701. Multiple DSP Effects combined with Snapshot Automation, realtime knob controls and CV inputs will add a new dimension to your modular world. Here is the very first audio demo of the RT-1701. You hear the […]

The Daily Schaaf 6: Sonic adventures with nonlinear feedback paths

I can’t recommend running this stuff on your mobile phone. „The Daily Schaaf“ Audio Series audio demos are not compressed. All audio demos are uploaded as wav-files. This demo for example consumpts more than 80 MB. Listeners with download volume discounts on their mobile phone contract will hate these demos. Today you can listen to a […]

Sound fart of the day 3: Big rooms in outer space

This time I created some big spacey rooms for the Waldorf NW1 Wavetable Oscillator, the RT451 filter and the Doepfer A-155 step sequencer.  With all the different effects it’s more a space fart than a fart sound but who cares when it sounds like that. (I know, there is no sound in outer space at […]