Radikal Technologies swarm oscillator.

RT-311 sound examples: Scale experiments 1

In this example I am experimenting with the scale settings of the RT-311 swarm oscillator. The „swarm“ itself is not in use in this example – I am using the oscillators like two single oscillators. The LFO, that controls the pitch input, controls the cutoff frequency of the RT-451 multimode filter in the sawtooth section of this demo (starts at the half of the file). Setting the modulation depth of both filters in opposite direction creates this stereo animation.
At the end I am deactivating the scale quantizer so you can hear, what the oscillator would sound like without the quantizer.
I am using the tape delay setting of the soundcraft mtk mixer and feed the echo signal into the reverb fx of the second fx processor.

You can download the demo as a wav-file here!




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