Accelerator Synthesizer.

Accelerator: Troubleshooting II – Random parameter changes at external synths

Sometimes strange things happen in the studio. Most of these nerve-wracking issues are caused by a silly thing. Maybe, you already experienced the following  one:

You are playing an external synth or plugin synth from the Accelerator keyboard and the sound of the external gear is randomly changing or the MIDI input monitor of your DAW is receiving MIDI controller data even when you are not touching the Accelerator.
In most cases problems like that are caused by the motion sensing circuit of the Accelerator. The sensitivity of this circuit is very high and even the smallest changing of of the three  position angles of the keyboard are converted into MIDI controller data.
It is an easy task to lower the sensitivity of the circuit. If you are not using the motion sensor at all you should disable it completely. Please just follow the steps below:

1.) Push the [SYSTEM]-button.
2.) Push the [ARROW-DOWN]-button 9 times.
3.) A view monitor for sent controller messages shows up.
4.) The first display encoder is assigned to the sensitivity control. Turn it down to 1.
5.) Push any other button (PERFORM, PROGRAM, BANK, PART SELECT etc.) to leave the system menu again.

The problem should have been solved by the action above.

PS.: There is a parameter called „ACC SEND: ON/OFF“. Unfortunately this looks like a filter for the sensor data but is not doing anything at the current version of the firmware.
( Accelerator Version 1.90, 05.11.2013)


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