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Sample Libraries are available as personalized download links. As soon as you have processed the paypal license fee transfer for the sample library, our shop system will generate an email with the download link!


We meanwhile refused to ship CDs with the sample libraries but are offering direct paypal payments and instant downloads instead. So you can get the new samples and sounds much faster than before.

The Sample Library II is a great addition to the factory soundest of the Spectralis 1 and the Spectralis 2. But you can make you own opinion after listening to the four sound examples below. The songs are included with the library. Just copy the library to your Spectralis, set the samples to dynamic loading, select one of the songs 2-5 and listen to the new sound and sample set.

Jörg Schaaf: Los Pollos

The demo starts with a noise ambient intro and is followed by some nice sequences and pad sounds mainly sampled from a JX-3P and a MKS-50 synthesizer.

Jörg Schaaf: Guitar Demo

The sample library contains some string instruments as well. In this demo you hear some of the guitar and bass multi samples. The fat oscillator sync sound has been sampled from the Roland JX-3P.

Jörg Schaaf: Drums Demo

I sampled a lot of drums and percussion sounds. Some of them are recorded with multiple velocity samples for a nice dynamic response.

Jörg Schaaf: Albatross

Highlight of the library are the great new pad sounds. The Spectralis never sounded so analog in the DSP section.

The following document contains a list of all samples:
Sample Liste Spectralis Sample Library 2

The DVD cover leap sheet can be downloaded here:
Cover Sample Library 2

The Sample Library can be downloaded directly after finishing the payment procedure. Together with the Sample Library you are getting an exclusive license to use the content in your music production.


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