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We meanwhile refused to ship CDs with the sample libraries but are offering direct paypal payments and instant downloads instead. So you can get the new samples and sounds much faster than before.

The Sample Library I is included as part of the factory soundest of the Spectralis II. For that reason I am selling this library exclusive to Spectralis 1 users.

Sound examples are the best way to describe a sample library. I hope you enjoy the following sound examples:

Destructive Kitchen Work

I went into my kitchen yesterday and started doing some noise. I recorded the noise with a microphone. Afterwards I did some postprocessing with the samples. Some remained untouched before I imported them – others have been heavily processed. Then I created a beat with these samples and overdubbed some synth melodies for the outro. The Hybrid Synthie is not in use at all buit I added some reverbration from time to time with two louse reverbration units (the Wedge and an SX 700). I hope you enjoy the stuff

Spectralis DX-7 Demo

Did I ever mentioned, that I still love my DX-7? I made some multisamples and two of them can be heard in this demo combined with other new sounds. The DX-7 bass sound is a multisample with 4 velocity layers and the E-piano has 4 velocity layers as well. So both sounds are using 44 single samples each to get a good compromise between memory usage and authentic sound reproduction. The drum samples you will hear are new samples as well. I created them from my Hybrid Synth drum samples. The kick drum gets some punch by setting the sample startpoint to 1 instead of 0. I think the kick and the snare really sounds cool – especially if you know, that it is nothing else then two synthesized sounds from the Hybrid Engine….

Filterbank Groove

I created some noise samples with the Filterbank and created drum sounds from them. It’s a kind of HipHop demo with the ambient piano patch and a Brassy synth sample I extracted from an audio track and tweaked a little bit with sound forge.

Hybrid Drums Grooves

I created some basic drum pattern with the samples from the Hybrid synth engine. Beside very punchy toms, kicks and snares I created some nice FX-sounds as well.

Spectralis Sequenzersound Demos

I created a lot of waveform multisamples with multiple oscillators. By sampling a complete phasing period for each single sample of these multisamples and with activated sample start point modulation you get fine results like using the real thing;-)

Spectralis Ambient Piano

I love the Bladerunner soundtrack from vangelis. Vangelis created a kind of Ambient piano sound and I tried to recreate this sound with the Spectralis. The preset sound is based on the normal Piano multisample I already covered in some other demos.

TLM Multisample Demo

For me, that is the perfect accompaignment sound for New Age stuff. Both sounds – the more percussive and the background Pad sound are based on the same Stereo Time Linearity Modulation sound.

Stereo Sequencer Sound

This sequencer sound is one of my favorites. I used two oscillators for this multisample. I added time linearity modulated both oscillators with two out of phase LFO’s. The LFO’s are additionally controlling the oscillator pitch and one oscillator is fed into the left and the other one into the right bus. That gives fine stereo FX’s. The samples are always containing a complete period of sound changing to get a prefect timbre beating…

Cover Sample Library 1
Feel free to download the DVD cover leaf sheet. The informations on that sheet contain the sound list and some additional infos.


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